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Wedding Videography

Danny U Photography is now introducing Video for 2018. Please inquire about how we can cater to your video needs. Whether it is a team of one videographer or multiple videographers. I can be certain that we can fully satisfy your video needs.

Some of the benefits of actually hiring a photographer that offers video is that all of the services you want are all under one roof. The benefit I feel like I can personally give to my clients is the oversight, QA & mainly creative visual as to how I would like your video to look before it actually leaves the studio and in your possession. For folks that know me, I'm a big stickler when it comes to quality. Hence the reason it took me a while to provide video to my clients.

Many folks have pushed me to get into videography, as my main focus is photography and always will be. So I set out to look for a good team that first and foremost has the same vision as I do and ideology that I felt I would like to give my clients, as my main focus is quality. Quality that is timeless & Classic so you can relive your day and let the emotion and joy of your day speak for itself to stand the test of time..........

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